Antiques in the Antipodes by Yvonne Sanders

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Antiques in the Antipodes is the story of one of the largest and most colourful antiques stores in Australasia.  Yvonne Sanders Antiques Ltd has traded in Epsom for more than five decades and thousands of people have shopped here.  The collectors, decorators, colleagues and craftsmen who have been associated with the business are described in detail and their story is also the social history of an era. 

This Book is a high-quality publication of 304 pages, two-thirds of which are photographic.  Tessa Chrisp, (New Zealand Photographer of the Year 2011) did the the photography.  It is 28cm x 22cm and easy to handle.  The content covers the story of Yvonne Sanders Antiques, initially, but is mostly a social history of the antique trade.

A perfect coffee table book or 'Mother's Day' gift!  I think you will enjoy it! 

All profits from the sale of this book go to Orphans Aid International.

Proudly trading in New Zealand since 1972