Our Products In Other Businesses

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We are proud to see our stock purchased to enhance other businesses. Here are just a few examples.

Mudbrick Vineyard & Resturant

Mudbrick has created a true French Provincial theme. It is an absolutely delightful place to visit. These photos depict antique Shutters and a stunning Chandelier supplied by us.

Mudbrick Vineyard and Resturant
Mudbrick Vineyard and Resturant Shutters

The Ortega Fish Shack

The Ortega Fish Shack & Bar has created an exquisite mosaic on their floor using our French Floor Tiles. Designed by Libby Beattie.

Glassons Queen Steet

Glasson's make a statement using our French Floor Tiles in their Queen St store entrance.

Glassons Queen Street Antique tile storefront

Cowboy's Queenstown

Cowboys have created a totally unique feel, very Wild West! They incorporated some rustic antique doors from us.

Cowboys Queenstown Rustic Antique Doors

Sofitel Queenstown

The Sofitel has used antique furniture supplied by us with high gilding to add a luxurious feel to the hotel.

Sofitel Queenstown Antique Gilt Chairs