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Still going strong after 52 years!

Yvonne Sanders Antiques

You are always welcome here!

Hi! I'm Yvonne, an Auckland-based Antique Dealer. In my shop at Epsom, I have created a treasure trove of all things antique and collectable. My speciality is French and English furniture. I have an eye for interior design, and I get a lot of enjoyment from helping customers pick just the right piece for their home or business.

Yvonne Sanders Antiques Vintage Shop Front

Where it all began...

Back in 1972, I decided to follow my passion for antiques and become an Antique Dealer. I began in the front room of my Opotiki home, with just a Shingle hanging out at the roadside that read “Antiques”. People used to ring my doorbell to be let in to view my stock.

Less than a year later I moved up to Auckland, with my young family and opened my first shop on Manukau Road.
In my 52 years trading in Auckland, I have had three shops along Manukau Road. I have travelled the world searching for antiques. I have imported from a dozen different countries, and I have had numerous adventures and met the most wonderful people!

I have had a very happy time dealing with
antiques, but it is always easier to buy than it is to sell!

Yvonne Sanders Antiques Exterior

The present...

I have been trading in my current shop since 1988 and have really settled in! The shop has become a bit of a landmark in the neighbourhood.

The business is still going strong, and I am dealing with the next generation of buyers, while the old guard are downsizing and selling their pieces back to me.

I haven't slowed down much, and still love what I do. I don't travel to buy these days, there's really no need to as we have a lot of antiques in this country now.

I still love the hunt, buying is such fun!

So, if you haven't been to visit the shop before do pop in and say hello. I'm always ready for a chat or a story, and happy to help you find just the right piece for your space.