Antiquax Original Wax Polish 100ml

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The Antiquax Original Wax Polish encompasses all the qualities required for the care and attention of your modern and antique furniture.  Regular use will give that special care and protection to the wood, augmenting the natural beauty by enhancing the patina and enriching the grain.

Antiquax Paste Wax Polish is a superior blend of waxes including beeswax and carnuaba. It has been specially formulated to resist finger marking and to penetrate and nourish all wood surfaces.

Use Antiquax regularly to maintain a deep lustre on your furniture and to prevent the natural wood grain from drying out in centrally heated rooms.

Antiquax Paste Wax is natural in colour and is suitable for all wood shades including lighter coloured finishes such as ash and beech. 

Directions:  Always work with the grain.  Apply with a clean dry cloth rubbing well into the grain.  Polish with a clean cloth to obtain a natural shine.

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