Antiquax Crystal & Chandelier Cleaner 500ml

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Antiquax Chandelier and Crystal Cleaner is easy to use. It is used on antique and modern chandeliers as a regular cleaner. Simply spray onto the glass and watch the dirt and dust fall off with the 360° valve that allows application from any angle. This feature makes the process easier, faster and more economical. It also has a pleasant fragrance and offers a streak free sparkling finish. It is easy to use and fast drying. Chandeliers can be cleaned in place without the need to dismantle and it leaves a pleasant lemon fragrance.

How to use:
This cleaner is used for regular cleaning and maintenance. If the Chandelier has not been cleaned for some time and is very dirty, it is best to clean the chandelier piece by piece with warm soapy water and then you can use the spray on a regular basis to maintain the finish.

  1. Always switch power supply off at the mains.
  2. If application is located over carpets, or other decorative surfaces ensure you cover them before use as it can drip once applied. Ensure you have lots of protection under the chandelier.
  3. Always apply to the side of the chandelier and not directly underneath as this may drip onto you.
  4. Shake the can well before use.
  5. Spray Antiquax Chandelier Cleaner onto the item and allow the cleaner to run off the appliance. This will remove the dirt and grime. This is why you need lots of covers below.
  6. Repeat if heavily soiled.
  7. Allow to dry naturally.
  8. Ensure any treated appliance is thoroughly dry before switching power on.  We suggest waiting 24 hours to turn back on. 

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