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Chandeliers & Lighting

We have an eclectic Selection of Original and Reproduction Table lamps, Art Deco Lamps, Standard Lamps, Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, Kerosene lamps and Ceiling lamps ~ some for every Style of Decor!

Wǒmen yǒu yīgè jùdà de gè zhǒng táidēng bāokuò fùzhì dì fán ní dēngjù, zhuāngshì yìshù dēng (yuánjiàn hé fùzhì), dòngwù dēng, lěng qīngtóng zhùzào nǚshì dēng.

About Us

Yvonne Sanders Antiques Ltd is a landmark, antique furniture and collectables store located in Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand.  

As an international Dealer and Importer, Yvonne has successfully traded for over 50 years.
Yvonne has vast experience and knowledge within the antique trade and has created a store that offers a welcoming experience to all.   


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Trading hours
Monday - Saturday
10 am - 5 pm

Sunday - CLOSED


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